an AUDINT project
concept sci-fi shortfilm

Advancements in sonic warfare lead to a net-born artificial intelligence.

Ghostcode is a 3d animated science-fiction film set in 2056 uncovering advancements in sonic warfare, holographic entertainment and its weaponization, the synthesis of corporation and nation state, and the unstable intentions of net-born artificial intelligence. This is an era in which human flesh has been removed from the messy equations of political turbulence, resulting in conflicts conducted by holographic and holosonic forces.

Through complex motion graphics, voice narration and intricate sound design, we follow the exploits of IREX2, a rogue artificial intelligence on the run from its undead creators as it competes against Columbian blackhat hacker Sureshot to develop a new breed of AI holographic fighters named “AI-Holos”.

With a narrative objective traversing research conducted on the limits of ultrasound such as the Third Ear, Pain ©Amps, Pain Coin, the Rapparitions, Neurode, Ultrasonic Sirens - Ghostcode unravels a near future enmeshed by the trappings of its own desires towards the melding and eventual extinction of all organic beings into its next redesign: synthetic life free of its human ancestors. The needle is in the red and pain is wanted, not blood.

duration, resolution
8:45mins, 1920x1080

digital animation, near future technology, science-fiction, narrative

Sonic and holographic warfare, future military complex, artificial intelligence, the singularity, year 2056, dark web, holographic warfare, North Korea, Columbia

Visual style
motion graphics, 3d animation

Based on the book The Holo Wars by AUDINT
Rammellzee, John von Neumann, Ray Kurzweil, Stuxnet, J.G Ballard, Drexciya, Phillip K. Dick

Design, animation, direction: Patrick Defasten
Script: Toby Heys (AUDINT)
Voice:  Jessica Edwards (Ms Haptic)
Sound: Steve Goodman (AUDINT, Kode9)

2019: Late Tates July, Tate Modern - London
2018: London Scifi Festival - London
2018: Dublin Scifi Festival - Dublin
2018: Philip K Dick Scifi Festival - New York City
2018: PAUSE Fest: Creative Tech Innovation - Melbourne
2018: VOID Animation Festival - Copenhagen
2017: Scifi Film Fest - Berlin
2017: Sonar Istanbul: AUDINT Delphic Panaceas - Istanbul
2017: Hyperdub Ø: AUDINT Delphic Panaceas - London
2016 Loop: AUDINT A Century of Zombie Sound - Berlin