Delusions of The Living Dead
Phantom Chapter: 1.1



AUDINT’s animated film Delusions of the Living Dead is a sub-chapter of their Martial Hauntology book, which documents Walter Slepian’s 1949 plan to purloin and photograph Jules Cotard’s notebook; a medical document that holds information pertaining to the process and methods required to seed walking corpse syndrome into a subject’s bed of cognition. Martial Hauntology was released in late 2014 as a limited edition of 256 copies. It links the underground groove of the Large Hadron Collider with the vaults of the Bank of Hell; connects the Dead Record Network with the Phantom Hailer; and traces the evolution of the Wandering Soul Tapes to the viral dynamics of the online spectreware named IREX2.

Project Management: IREX2
Illustration: Bridget Collin
Illustration Assistant: Toby Heys
Animation: Patrick Defasten
Soundtrack: Toby Heys
Text: Toby Heys
Voice: Jessica Edwards
Album Design: Optigram

Delusions of the Living Dead appears on: Martial Hauntology by AUDINT
Toby Heys appears courtesy of: AUDINT Records
Thanks for the support of: Tate Britain, Phi Centre, StudioFeed and Traction Sound